What’re You Gonna Do?

You can stomp around and pout; you can lash out irrationally (ok, I stole that phrase from The Santa Clause) or you can take what you’re handed and make a good thing out of it.  It happens to all of us!  We have specific expectations only to see that our situation is completely different than our dream.  So what’re you gonna do?


The truth is, it’s your choice.

Whatever life throws you, you can laugh and dance and enjoy it – or you can complain and make everyone miserable.  Either way you’ll still have to work through it – so why not make the best of it?

No Regrets

I was visiting my Dad in another state and retiring for the night in the guest room.  I’ve always loved my parents’ home … always.  When my mother was alive she was the epitome of the perfect hostess.  I remember the first time I visited their current home and was treated to the Guest Room.  With a mini fridge next to the bed, fully stocked; a microwave placed perfectly in the built-in with a basketful of hot chocolate mixes and some cute mugs beside it; and two fancy chocolates on my pillow, I thought I was in paradise!  The last few years, that guest room got used more often than it was empty.  My siblings and I took turns staying with Mom & Dad to help out, as our mother got progressively more dependent because of her illness.  So the guest room is a place I am quite comfortable in, thank you very much!


This night, as I put on my PJs and climbed into bed, I grabbed the remote and started flipping through channels.  No surprise I landed and stayed on the Hallmark channel – safe and sometimes even entertaining.  But this particular show was so cheesy I eventually just turned it off and fell asleep.  Before I gave up on the show, though, I found value in what I was watching.  Not entertainment value, really, but good insight.  One of the characters, when asked about his past, responded with something that will stick with me forever:

“No regrets, just lessons learned.”


Why Winter?

I love winter. Yeah, driving in the snow stinks, but I love everything else about it.  I love how quiet the entire world becomes when there’s snow on the ground and snow falling from the sky.  I love the slower pace of life, wearing sweaters and snuggly socks, and seeing my breath when I step outside.  I love going to bed earlier.

20170129_161736 (2)

The “winters” of my life are equally lovely.  I love it when I slow down my frenetic pace and have time to just think.  I love seeking and finding quiet.  I love turning inward and examining my choices, my beliefs, and my life.

There’s just something amazing about winter.

Being Real

I’ve been blog-absent, FB intermittent, and all-things-public shy for the past several months.  The hiatus began when family things became all consuming.  And I wasn’t at all sad about concentrating my energies on family.  But beyond that, I’ve been overhauling my self.  And by my self I don’t mean myself … I mean my SELF.  With the help of an incredible individual and the absolutely required grace and tutoring of Heaven, I am making progress.  Funny … I had no idea I needed the help I’ve gotten.  Without going into details, I’ve learned that being real is all about light and truth.  Sounds simple, but for someone who has lived a charmed life because of regular escaping into my self-created reality, it’s not easy at all.  It has required intentional hard work, a whole lot of recognition of my frailities without self-condemning, and learning to love all truth … the good and the bad.  Why love it?  Because it is what has given me experience and molded me into I am.  But more importantly, it is what draws me to the Savior.   Continue reading

We All Need Each Other

We All Need Each Other

That’s an absolutely true statement … even those of us who prefer to do things alone.  Whether it’s a helping hand or even just a smile, we all need each other.  So my goal is to focus on lifting everyone I come in contact with today.  I know I’ll have to be focused – it will have to be intentional.  But it will be worth it!