Being Real

I’ve been blog-absent, FB intermittent, and all-things-public shy for the past several months.  The hiatus began when family things became all consuming.  And I wasn’t at all sad about concentrating my energies on family.  But beyond that, I’ve been overhauling my self.  And by my self I don’t mean myself … I mean my SELF.  With the help of an incredible individual and the absolutely required grace and tutoring of Heaven, I am making progress.  Funny … I had no idea I needed the help I’ve gotten.  Without going into details, I’ve learned that being real is all about light and truth.  Sounds simple, but for someone who has lived a charmed life because of regular escaping into my self-created reality, it’s not easy at all.  It has required intentional hard work, a whole lot of recognition of my frailities without self-condemning, and learning to love all truth … the good and the bad.  Why love it?  Because it is what has given me experience and molded me into I am.  But more importantly, it is what draws me to the Savior.  

I am in awe of the many layers of truth that have been revealed to me through the months, almost on a daily basis.  I am more grateful than I’ve ever been for the love and support of the Lord.  I am humbled each day when I learn something new and realize even more how little I know or understand.  It is expansive … truth is.  And now, instead of being discouraged, I’m so excited and happily anticipating each little tidbit of truth as it is unfolded to me in the Lord’s time and way.

So I’m not even going to go back and look at any of my previous posts, assuming they’re probably pretty superficial, or at least – most likely not based on truth.  Instead I will just move forward and focus on the present, on reality, and on light and truth.  Whether my blog is read by anyone or not today, tomorrow, or this month, it will be a little storage box for some of my honest thoughts – those thoughts that are “revealed” to me as I work on my overhaul.

2 thoughts on “Being Real

  1. Oh Denalee. I am so truly blessed that I get to have you in my life. Do you think this was part of my choosing in the preexistence? Knowing I would get to have you because I chose my mom? All I know is this is when I know the Lord knows what we will need, because he definitely knew I would need you.

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