No Regrets

I was visiting my Dad in another state and retiring for the night in the guest room.  I’ve always loved my parents’ home … always.  When my mother was alive she was the epitome of the perfect hostess.  I remember the first time I visited their current home and was treated to the Guest Room.  With a mini fridge next to the bed, fully stocked; a microwave placed perfectly in the built-in with a basketful of hot chocolate mixes and some cute mugs beside it; and two fancy chocolates on my pillow, I thought I was in paradise!  The last few years, that guest room got used more often than it was empty.  My siblings and I took turns staying with Mom & Dad to help out, as our mother got progressively more dependent because of her illness.  So the guest room is a place I am quite comfortable in, thank you very much!


This night, as I put on my PJs and climbed into bed, I grabbed the remote and started flipping through channels.  No surprise I landed and stayed on the Hallmark channel – safe and sometimes even entertaining.  But this particular show was so cheesy I eventually just turned it off and fell asleep.  Before I gave up on the show, though, I found value in what I was watching.  Not entertainment value, really, but good insight.  One of the characters, when asked about his past, responded with something that will stick with me forever:

“No regrets, just lessons learned.”


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